We have so many volunteer opportunities for you to take advantage of at the Winnebago County Historical & Archaeological Society. From planning engaging and educational programs to marking historical sites, you have the opportunity to serve on our committees to help preserve and share local history. Get involved today!

  • Outreach Committee

    • Website Management

    • Create engaging content on social media platforms

    • Marketing and advertising

    • Publish quarterly County Fare newsletter

  • Collections Committee

    • Accession, deaccession and inventory of society’s collections

    • Care for all items accessioned into the collection

    • Operation of Morgan House Museum

  • Exhibitions & Events Committee

    • Plan and implement educational and community programs

  • Property Committee

    • Interior & exterior maintenance and housekeeping of the Morgan House

    • Landscaping

  • Membership Committee

    • Maintain membership roster and collect dues

    • Recruitment members and volunteers

  • Revenue Development Committee

    • Plan Fundraising Events

    • Apply for Grants

    • Seek out potential donors

    • Promote renting the Morgan House for private events.

  • Markers and Historical Sites Committee

    • Historic markers placement/maintenance

    • Historic property/site liaison

For more information or to get involved, contact Doreen Olson-Volunteer Coordinator


Call – (920) 267-8007